Tech. Sgt. George Hicks

Spotlight on You: Tech. Sgt. George Hicks

Team Andersen's Best: Tech. Sgt. George Hicks

by: Airman 1st Class Arielle Vasquez, 36th Wing Public Affairs | .
Andersen Air Force Base | .
published: May 06, 2016

Hicks processed interdepartmental purchase requests totaling more than $1.3 million in support of joint projects throughout the Marianas.

He ensured the availability and funding of $150,000 in various supplies and aircrew equipment in support of the continuous bomber presence at Andersen AFB.

Hicks supported U.S. Forces Japan by securing $75,000 in funding for aircrew and maintainers participating in aviation training relocation exercises on Guam.

He enjoys playing video games, football and golf.

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