Tech. Sgt. Quinton Jones

Spotlight on You: Tech. Sgt. Quinton Jones

Andersen's Best: Tech. Sgt. Quinton Jones

by: Andersen Air Force Base | .
U.S. Air Force | .
published: February 15, 2017

Congratulations to Tech. Sgt. Quinton Jones selected as one of Team Andersen's Best!

Jones, who is a native of Connecticut, is an RF Transmission Systems supervisor assigned to the 644th Combat Communication Squadron.

As a newly promoted technical sergeant, Jones leads a team of four Airmen through the maintenance and training for more than $19 million worth of equipment ensuring readiness to respond to Pacific Theater contingencies.

In the six months since his arrival at Andersen AFB, Jones has overhauled his Flight's training program, expedited the completion of deployment requirements for 25 Airmen, completed his CCAF degree, and was selected as one of his unit's Resilience Training Assistants.

His efforts have been instrumental to the preparation and qualification supporting exercises in the Philippines, Australia, and Diego Garcia and were key to his Flight earning their Squadron's team of the quarter award.

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