Travis Aquino and Clinton Burch

Spotlight on You: Travis Aquino and Clinton Burch

30th Naval Construction Regiment (NCR) Headquarters Relocated to Guam

by: Navy Expeditionary Combat Command | .
published: July 05, 2018

SANTA RITA, Guam (July 1, 2018) - Yeoman 1st Class Travis Aquino, left, and Equipment Operator 1st Class Clinton Burch prepare to raise the American flag over the 30th Naval Construction Regiment (NCR) headquarters, officially marking its relocation to Guam from Port Hueneme, California. This move streamlines operational effectiveness and establishes the regiment as a forward-deployed operational staff capable of commanding and controlling Naval Construction Force units deployed to the 7th Fleet area of operations.

(U.S. Navy Photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Matthew R. White/ released)

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