MY PARADISE: Give me orders to Diego Garcia

Sunset in Diego Garcia.

MY PARADISE: Give me orders to Diego Garcia

by: Karen Jorgenson
published: January 05, 2013
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Editor's Note: Here's another great story from one of our readers, Karen Jorgenson. Diego Garcia sounds like a really neat place to visit. Karen, thanks for painting such a beautiful picture for us. This story will appear in our upcoming Destination Paradise magazine that will hit the streets in late February. If you would like to share your own story, visit

I was fortunate enough to be stationed for 12 months on Diego Garcia and it was the closest to paradise I have ever been.  Where else in the world can you wake up every day and walk to the lagoon to view an incredible sunrise, or retire at night after walking to the ocean side to witness the most awesome sunset?  People may complain about the remoteness, but I enjoyed seeing things that very few get to see: going to the “jungle” and catching the rare sight of enormous coconut crabs, walking along pristine beaches collecting shells, watching movies in an outdoor theater, touring the old Mission and attending Church services at the old Mission Chapel, staying fit by participating in monthly “Full Moon Platoon” fun run/walks, free beauty shop treatments and base-wide picnics.  I think I will create a quilt from all my t-shirts I collected over the 12 months so I can relive the experience of Diego Garcia whenever I use that quilt.  If someone could give me orders back there, my bags are packed!  Above is my favorite photo that I took there because it helps me “go back to paradise” — if only in my daydreams.

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