MY PARADISE: Singapore's National Orchid Garden


MY PARADISE: Singapore's National Orchid Garden

by: Charlin Petrotta | .
Stripes Guam | .
published: January 10, 2013

When my husband told me he wanted to take me to Singapore and Bali for our 20th wedding anniversary, I searched in Trip Advisor the best places people recommend to visit in Singapore. 

As soon as I saw the National Orchid Garden, my eyes lit up; I was genuinely intrigued.  By the time I finished scrolling down all the photos uploaded by previous visitors of the garden, I had added it to my “must see” list.

You see, I love all flowers, but I have a special affinity for the beauty of orchids.

The day after our arrival, we elected to visit the orchid garden. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain that day, so we waited at the subway station until the rain subsided. We followed a sign that pointed us to the garden. Because it was still sprinkling and the path to the garden was flooded, our clothes and shoes were soaked. 

When we reached the entrance, we paid five Singapore dollars each, and I bought little orchid souvenirs at the shop. Then headed to the garden, and to my amazement, it was more beautiful than what I had seen in pictures.  

We walked through each area of the garden taking in the different species, types and colors of the orchids.  I was so fascinated! When I walked through the arch of flowering orchids, I felt like a fairytale princess from a story book kingdom walking with my prince (my husband). I had forgotten that we were soaking wet with rain.

Halfway through our adventure, I saw an orchid that had a small-bowl shaped bottom that collects water. It also is an insect trap, according to other visitors that I met at the garden. Not too far from this display, was another orchid that had spiral petals. I promptly named it “Corkscrew Orchid.”

Adjacent  from the spiral and green orchids, was another orchid that resembled a praying mantis. I named it “Praying Mantis Orchid.”  On my way down a wooden bridge, I came upon a small waterfall with a plumeria tree nearby.  I picked the scattered plumerias on the ground, affixed them on my hair and ears and carried the rest back with me to my hotel. 

On our way out, I saw a black orchid, something I had never before laid eyes on. The black orchid is quite rare.  I stared at it for a long time because it did not look like an orchid. But the sign next to it reassured me that it was. I could not think of any names to call it, except for something embarrassing.

At the end of our journey, my husband and I sat for our last picture surrounded by all the beautiful orchids.  This was the most beautiful place I have ever seen and experienced.  I have a name for it: “My Paradise”.

For those who appreciate flora and fauna, the National Orchid Garden of Singapore is a must-see in Southeast Asia.

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