A 13-year-old's take on Memorial Day

by Nephew of Tony Barbagallo Jr.

Editor’s Note: Tony Barbagallo, Jr. shared with Stars and Stripes an email his 13-year-old nephew sent to him. Said Tony: “My father, which in turn is my nephew’s grandfather, was a WWII veteran having served in the Pacific theatre and is recently deceased.  I have to imagine that his impact on his grandson must have had something to do with the words that this young man penned and shared with me for Memorial Day. I think the troops would be thrilled to see that young people like my nephew hold their service in high regard.” Tony, we agree. Thanks for sharing. Below is his nephew’s note.

"I know it's hard to read, but remember, Memorial Day isn't a three-day weekend to barbeque and go to the beach, it's a day to thank all soldiers that have given their lives to keep this country free, and to thank all who have survived and who are still serving in war protecting this country. It's a day to remember and celebrate the lives of people lost at war, and celebrate their sacrifice, for without it I would not be able to post this, and the United States of America would no longer be free. God bless our troops!"

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