30th annual fishing derby reels in boatload

by Bruce Bateman
Saipan Int'l Fishing Derby

July 19-20 marked Saipan International Fishing Derby’s 30th Year. Yeah, many of you weren’t even born when the first of these were held. That’s okay. The fish are still here in amazing abundance and most of them weren’t around in 1984 either.

Wow, the two-day weekend event really produced a lot of fish. Winners took home tons of cash and other prizes and, best of all, had a blast trolling the productive waters of the Northern Marianas.

Most fishermen trolled near Saipan and/or Tinian islands but some intrepid souls cruised out to the submerged sea mounts and off shore deep reefs to pull in their big catches.

This year’s winning Marlin was no slouch at 277 pounds but was just the little brother to the 942 pound winner from 2012.

A party atmosphere surrounded this great event. All you had to do was just stroll slip to slip after the boats came in for your free fill of fresh sashimi and all the cold beer you could drink. Probably more than you could drink.

The Saipan International Fishing Derby is held every July. Come and join us next year or just come over and go fishing anytime you want. The fish are always here!

Saipan International Fishing Tournament Official Results

Weight: 276.0 pounds
Boat: Goru
Captain: Frank Roberto
Anglers: Aaron Roberto, Frank Meno

Weight: 367,0 pounds
Boat: St. James
Captain: Tony Maestro
Anglers: Mario Jumalon

Weight: 268.5 pounds
Boat: Marlin Chaser!
Captain: Bob Taguchi
Anglers: Joe Borja, Ernesto Rangamar, Ramon Dela Cruz, Tim Chen, Gary Peterman, Ray Dela Cruz

Weight: 169.15 pounds
Boat: Regulator
Captain: Hideyuki Kaya
Anglers: Alfonso Sebengil, Fons Ngirmeriil, Quintin Ngirarios

Weight: 149.65 pounds
Boat: Luka Ben
Captain: Ricky George
Anglers: Steven Igisaiar, Alex Chisholm, Melvin Aldan, Phillip Aldan, Mika George, Ben Fitipol, Luka, Shuichi, Debra Aldan, Phillip Aldan Jr.

Weight: 69.55 pounds
Boat: Here Fishee Fishee II
Captain: Isidro Sablan
Anglers: Solomon Castro, Vincent Villagomez, Jeffery Reyes

Weight: 65.35 pounds
Boat: Emmanuel
Captain: Michael James
Anglers: George Arriola, Andrew Guerrero

Weight: 63.40 pounds
Boat: Marlin Chaser!
Captain: Bob Taguchi
Anglers: Joe Borja, Ernesto Rangamar, Ramon Dela Cruz, Tim Chen, Gary Peterman, Ray Dela Cruz

Weight: 35.10 pounds
Boat: Bunita
Captain: Mike Fleming
Anglers: Ruben Garde

Weight: 28.40 pounds
Boat: Rosemary
Captain: Tom Aguon
Anglers: Gene Baton, Pete Perez

Weight: 26.15 pounds
Boat: Dandi-Pai
Captain: Jess Taitano
Anglers: Frankie Agulto, Joe Manalo

Weight: 50.60 pounds
Boat: Da Atta Girl
Captain: Benny Iriarte
Anglers: Sheldon Fernandez, Ben Tabin, Oscar Sablan Fernandez, Karrie Fernandez,

Weight: 36.80 pounds
Boat: CM 4556 PU
Captain: Juan Esteves
Anglers: Vicente Esteves, Ronald Esteves, Doreen Masga

Weight: 36.25 pounds
Boat: MV Gloria
Captain: John T. Sablan
Anglers: John Sablan Jr., Manny Sablan, Walter Sablan, Ton Guerrero, Ray Renguul, Eric Kani

Weight: 17.65 pounds
Boat: Magnificat
Captain: Frank Camacho
Anglers: Marc Artero, Charles Cruz, Matthew Guzman, Roy Reyes

Weight: 17.45 pounds
Boat: Keilani-Ko
Captain: Frank A. Reyes
Anglers: Dwayne Muna, Brain Reyes, Frank M. Reyes, Leangie Reyes, Hamanda Kikku

Weight: 17.20 pounds
Boat: Padre De Familia
Captain: Calistro Reyes
Anglers: Abraham Reyes, James Reyes, Calsitro Reyes Jr.

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