Action PAC encourages all voting-aged Guamanians to register and vote in the 2020 election

Action PAC encourages all voting-aged Guamanians to register and vote in the 2020 election

Action PAC, Inc.

(Oct. 23, 2020 – Guam) – Action PAC, Inc., Guam’s political action committee formed to affect change at the legislative level, encourages all voting-aged residents to be sure to register before the end of day on Friday, October 23 with the Guam Election Commission. For those who have already registered, Action PAC recommends that they begin to make their voting plan for Nov. 3 to ensure that they exercise their right to vote in the 2020 election, which is critical to shaping how Guam recovers from the current economic devastation.

While the Guam Election Commission notes that as of October 15, 2020, there are 55,542 registered voters, Action PAC, Inc. Executive Director Laura Dacanay noted that there are still many Guamanians who have not registered to vote.

“When I meet people in the community, I ask them if they think we are better off now than we were two years ago. Most have expressed dismay about our current situation and how they feel our legislature needs to help our people more, but they have not yet registered,” Dacanay noted. “We, as an island community, are facing the toughest times in our lives right now, and I tell everyone I meet that the only way we can see a change is if we register and cast our vote in this 2020 General Election.”

Less than a year ago, Guam was prosperous – tourism arrivals were at a record high, small businesses were doing well, and businesses were hiring. While much of the pandemic is to blame, Dacanay stressed the need for incoming legislators of the 36th Guam Legislature to prepare for a monumental task at hand. She added, “We need to help the more than 30,000 unemployed Guamanians so they can take care of their families.”

Action PAC announced the 12 senatorial candidates for the 36th Guam Legislature that the PAC is supporting in the 2020 Guam General Election, which can be found on its website, The 12 candidates best align with Action PAC’s five key initiatives: rightsize the Government of Guam; improve transparency in all levels of the Government of Guam; support for the military build-up in Guam; support for a part-time legislature; and rollback of the BPT from 5% to 4%.

“Every vote can and will make a difference. There is still time to register with the Guam Election Commission before the end of day on Oct. 23. Call the Guam Election Commission right away at 477-9791, and don’t miss your chance to have a say in our island’s future,” said Dacanay.

Action PAC, through its voting drive, has seen an increase in participation by young voters. Gideon Tyquiengco, a 24-year-old chef from Merizo, stressed the significance of taking an active role in selecting Guam’s legislature. “Being given the right to vote and deciding who speaks for our future is our opportunity to change the world for future generations.”

This election, Action PAC invites all voters to join the movement and vote for the 12 senatorial candidates who have a plan to improve life on Guam for all Guamanians.

Olynne Rhoads, a patient navigator from Barrigada, encourages those who are 18 and older to take a serious look at Guam’s future. She said, “Voting is more than a right. Voting means we choose who will represent us and who will make the changes we wish to see in our community. Us young voters hold the power to decide the quality of life for ourselves and the community. It’s not only an opportunity for change but an opportunity to help those who don’t have the right to vote. Our vote as young voters is just as important as someone who has been voting for years. Use your vote to make a difference.”

Ethan Diaz, a rental technician from Dededo, echoed the significance of getting young Guamanians to the polls this year. “I’m young and I didn’t know the importance of voting before, but now after this pandemic, I really see the importance of electing leaders who can help make our economy better.”

As a nonprofit, political action committee, Action PAC does not identify with a specific political party and encourages residents over the age of 18 to Vote.

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