Blas Calls on White House to Pursue War Claims

by Senator Frank F. Blas, Jr.
Stripes Guam

Senator Frank Blas Jr. is requesting that the White House push for War Claims on behalf of the people of Guam.

Blas' request comes on the heels of a statement released by the President’s National Security Advisor, Susan E. Rice, congratulating the Governments of Japan and the Republic of Korea on reaching an agreement on the matter of “Comfort Women.” Senator Blas is now asking Rice to pursue this issue with regards to the Chamorro people.

“I would like to encourage you to take on the mantle of responsibility for being an advocate for Americans whose family members were brutalized as comfort women at the hands of Japanese forces during World War II,” Blas wrote to Rice, adding that the Chamorro people endured unspeakable atrocities such as beheadings, rapes, beatings and so much more. “This cries for justice and our people have made many attempts through Congress to resolve war claim issues, but we have yet to have our war claims addressed.”

Senator Blas informed Rice that the number of Chamorro survivors from the war continues to lessen “… so we look to President Barack Obama to finally give our people the resolution they deserve, much like the agreement you applauded between Japan and Korea.” Senator Blas noted that Guam is an integral part of the strategic alliances in this region and this movement includes President Obama’s pivot to the Asia Pacific Region.

“As such, it is my sincere hope that you will address this issue with the President in order to advance the dialogue on the unresolved war claims of Chamorros which lies heavy on the hearts of the people of Guam,” Senator Blas wrote.

A copy of the letter is attached. For more information, please contact the Office of Senator Frank F. Blas, Jr., at 475-2527 or via email at

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