Cocktail of the Month: Christmas in Barbados

by Bobby Kim
Groove Korea

Get a piece of the tropics without leaving Seoul in late winter. This cold, refreshing Tiki-style cocktail on the bottom with a hot, white chocolate coconut cream foam on top gives this treat a bewildering texture and flavor. Falernum is a spiced liqueur made of rum, citrus zest, and various spices and is an essential component to many Tiki-style cocktails. The most interesting part of the cocktail is the hot foam on top: it’s something you would want to eat spoon after spoon of by itself. The cream dispenser (maybe iSi if you want to get fancy) is kept in a water bath of 70°F, ready to be served hot. “It’s Hot and It’s Cold,” and just like Katy Perry’s best selling single, this one’s a hit.

1.5 oz. Plantation Original Dark Rum

1 oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice

.5 oz. House Made Falernum

.25 oz. Lime Juice

Hot Sous Vide White Chocolate Coconut Foam on Top

Red and Green Colored Sugar for Garnish

*Served with no ice

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