DVIDS updates name, performs same missions

DVIDS updates name, performs same missions

by Defense Media Activity
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The Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System, commonly referred to as DVIDS, has changed its full name to the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service.  The acronym remains the same.
The name change recognizes DVIDS as a shared service for DoD clients and public customers.
The ‘Defense Visual Information Distribution Service’ plays a strategic role in sharing DoD visual content with the public while serving our federal mandate of timely collection, accessibility, distribution and preservation of DoD VI records, according to U.S. Army Col. John A. Benedict, the director of Defense Visual Information (DVI).
By changing the word ‘System’ to ‘Service,’ DMA recognizes DVIDS as the designated shared service for a portfolio of critical DoD media capabilities.  Among these critical services are providing a single public access point for timely distribution of images and video that tell the DoD story. The service also makes it easy for DoD organizations to preserve their DoD VI records at no additional cost or effort.
For more on the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service, visit https://www.dvidshub.net/about/faq.

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