GAIN sends disaster relief team to Saipan and Tinian; asks public for support

by Guam Animals in Need
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Guam, November 8, 2018 - Guam Animals In Need (GAIN) has sent a disaster relief team to Saipan and Tinian to assist in recovery efforts following Supertyphoon Yutu. The team will provide direct care to injured animals, aid with shelter repairs, and conduct damage assessments for FEMA.
Additionally, GAIN is delivering 200lbs of medicine and medical supplies, and two pallets of pet food and animal shelter supplies. “Thanks to the generosity of a number of individuals and local businesses, we’re able to provide much-needed medicine, food, and supplies to help the shelters destroyed by Supertyphoon Yutu,” said Alison Hadley, GAIN Executive Director.
The disaster relief team, which arrived on Monday and will work through the week, consists of Dr. Jonna Swanson (veterinarian visiting from Japan), Alison Hadley (GAIN Executive Director), and Samantha Mullen (GAIN Spay/Neuter Program Coordinator). Technical assistance is also provided remotely by Disaster Operations Specialists from Humane Society International.
“The extent of damage from Supertyphoon Yutu is shocking,” said Ms. Hadley. “Many animals were injured or killed by the storm, and both animal shelters incurred extreme damage,” she continued. “The road to recovery will be long and difficult,” she added.
“We’re here because we can help,” said Ms. Mullen. “It’s so moving to see how connected our islands are, and the way the public steps up to support the recovery,” she continued.
Donations of dog and cat food (dry or wet), as well as other commonly used animal supplies such as kitty litter, can be made at the GAIN animal shelter. Thanks to the generosity of Triple B Forwarders, GAIN will continue to ship pallets of donated food and supplies to Saipan and Tinian over subsequent months.
GAIN has also created a GoFundMe drive to help purchase much needed vaccines, medicine, and equipment for animal rescue groups and shelters in the CNMI. Go to or visit GAIN’s facebook page ( to donate.
“You can make a big difference in the lives of animals suffering after Yutu,” said Ms. Mullen. “The supertyphoon destroyed so much, but with the public’s help, we can help Saipan and Tinian get back on their feet,” she added.
GAIN sincerely thanks the following businesses for their generosity in making this relief effort possible: Triple B Forwarders, Guam Surgicenter, Animal Medical Clinic, Feathers N’ Fins Pet Shop, Micronesia Divers Association, and Triple J Auto Group.
Photo Attachments (all photos courtesy of GAIN):
1. Spencer Marchadesch, who oversees the Saipan animal shelter, surveys damage to the shelter’s main office.
2. Samantha Mullen (left) and Dr. Swanson (right) attend to an injured dog.
3. Dr. Swanson (right) helping a dog with a puncture wound.

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