GCC culinary students teach counterparts from Japan how to cook Chamorro-style!

GCC culinary students teach counterparts from Japan how to cook Chamorro-style!

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GCC Culinary Arts students became the teachers this week as they showed 32 culinary students from TBC Gakuin (Academy) in Japan how to cook “Chamorro-style.” TBC Gakuin is a technical college. TBC chefs worked with Holiday Tours Micronesia to visit GCC and gain some international cuisine experience, according to TBC Chef Minoru Okamoto.

GCC Chefs Paul Kerner and Bertrand Haurillon and their culinary students put together a traditional Chamorro menu that included red rice, barbecued chicken and short ribs, shrimp kelaguen, shrimp patties, salad, latiya, coconut candy, and because they are amazingly creative – papaya break pudding!

Suggested photo captions:

Students from TBC Gakuin watch as their classmate, Keisuke Soshino (right front), cuts onions for gollai hågon suni (spinach in coconut milk), following the directions of GCC culinary arts students who taught the 32 TBC students how to make traditional Chamorro food Tuesday, February 2, in the GCC kitchen.

GCC Culinary Arts students (from left) Matåo Concepcion and Randy Babauta, and visiting TBC Gakuin students Misaki Tokukura, Risa Hoshino, and Wataru Mashiyama, take a moment while making red rice to pause for the camera during class on Tuesday, February 2. Students from TBC Gakuin visited the GCC Culinary Arts program to gain some international cuisine experience.

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