Guam Guard Soldiers earn SEC+ Certification

Guam Guard Soldiers earn SEC+ Certification

Guam National Guard Public Affairs Office

One of the toughest industry certifications out there, Security + separates the information technology amateurs from the professionals.  Recently, four Soldiers from the Guam National Guard got together, studied hard, and earned a place at this table of professionals. Learn more about the journey of Sgt. Bryan Pablo, Sgt. Chris De Leon Guerrero, Spc. Jovencio Maortera, and Pvt. 1st Class Rodriguez Javier Rodriguez in the interview below.

Q: What is SEC+, and what does it mean to your career as a Guam National Guard Soldier?

Rodriguez:  Security+ is foundation for Cyber Security. It gives you knowledge to protect your evolving networked technology, such as your computer, cellphone, servers, printers, even your refrigerator, and air conditioner. Also, SEC+ is one of the most important certifications IT employers look for. It is a stepping stone, the door opener, the key to starting out in the world of IT. This for me as a Guard Solider means that I have been certified to protect our information from those potentially threatening us.

Q: What did it take to acquire this certification?

Mortera: A whole lot of studying. I had so much study material and took practice tests. The Sec+ test will be different for everyone, it was definitely not easy, at least for myself. When I took the test, I was nervous. It had simulations and scenarios, 90 questions to be exact, with two hours to answer it. You get your exam results when you finish and I was super relieved when I received my grade. You can get a maximum of 900 points, to pass you need 750. I scored 840.

Q: What do you hope to do with this certification, now that you have it? What are your goals in the IT field?

Pablo: I intend to use this certification in the civilian workforce and attain a higher paying career. Since attaining this certification allows for a better standing resume and work experience, I want to capitalize on it. As for my future goals all I can say for now is that I intend to continue studying and working on excelling in the field of computers and Information technology, not only for myself but for my family and our future.

Q: I’ve seen the Army movies, and I see a lot of guns and low crawling. What career advice can you give about the Guam Guard?

De Leon Guerrero: The only advice I can give you if you were planning to go into the Guard, or any military service, is to have heart. Whether you prefer guns and low crawling or information technology,  he Guard can train you, the Guard can teach you. You do not need to be a sports superstar or a “brainiac” to make something of yourself in the Guard. Just remember why you want to join, keep all those reasons in your heart, and push yourself through to becoming a Soldier. If you want to be a part of something better, or even just do better for yourself you can come join the Guard.

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