HAGATNA, Guam (August 20, 2019) Lieutenant Commander Nancy Lentz receives a legislative resolution from the office of Senator Joe S. San Agustin, 35th Guam Legislature.  (U.S. Navy photo by USNH Guam Public Affairs Officer, Jaciyn Matanane)
HAGATNA, Guam (August 20, 2019) Lieutenant Commander Nancy Lentz receives a legislative resolution from the office of Senator Joe S. San Agustin, 35th Guam Legislature. (U.S. Navy photo by USNH Guam Public Affairs Officer, Jaciyn Matanane)

Guam recognizes U.S. Naval Hospital Guam Internal Medicine Physician

by Jaciyn Matanane
U.S. Naval Hospital Guam (USNH Guam) Public Affairs

HAGATNA, Guam - USNH Guam Physician, Lieutenant Commander Nancy Lentz, receives a legislative resolution (No. 182-35) from Senator Joe S. San Agustin and Speaker, Tina Muna Barnes, 35th Guam Legislature, for the medical services provided to the island during her military tour on Guam. The resolution presentation was held at the Congress Building on August 20, 2019.

Lentz is a native of Ridgeland, Wisconsin. She was commissioned in the United States Navy in August 2011 and assigned to USNH Guam in August 2014 as a physician in the hospital's Internal Medicine Department. Lentz cared for adult patients with chronic medical conditions; providing clinical expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses to active duty, retired military, their families and several civilian residents of Guam. She was face-to-face with twelve patients a day, averaging 150-200 patients per month. During her time at USNH Guam, she managed a panel of 400 complex and chronically-ill patients; completed 7,500 outpatient encounters and stood 4,300 on-call hours to admit and provide care to patients in the Multiservice and Intensive Care Units.

"Lentz's expert medical knowledge, dedication to her patients and leadership qualities are outstanding," said previous Director for Medical Services, Lieutenant Commander Laura Lauer. "The success experienced by the Internal Medicine Department is proof that she is an exceptional leader."

USNH Guam's Customer Service Department tracks customer comments and feedback from the Military Health System Joint Outpatient Experience Survey (JOES) and the military's Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system.

"Dr. Lentz receives a high volume of positive JOES and ICE comments," said Customer Relations Coordinator, Belinda Charfauros. "According to the JOES system, she recently placed at the top for overall provider, scoring 100 percent in customer satisfaction. Her patients love her and they are sad to see her leave USNH Guam."

According to Lentz, her compassion is driven by her patients and relationships become established.

"On Guam, people treat you like family and naturally, you treat them like family," said Lentz.

Lentz was most recently commended for her medical services by Mrs. Seph Castro Evangelista, a civilian Guam resident, whose daughter was under Lentz's care for several years.

"She took her time and always made us feel like family," said Castro. "I really want to do something special for her as appreciation for all she has done for my daughter."

Castro requested a resolution presentation through the office of Senator San Agustin at the Guam Legislature. The resolution expressed thanks and appreciation for Lentz's contributions to the Guam community and her commitment in providing outstanding medical services.

"I can't thank Mrs. Evangelista enough," said Lentz. "To be recognized like that and to know that she appreciated my care that much to seek the legislature; I don't know that I will have a greater honor in my life."

Lentz separated from the Navy in August 2019, her passion in caring for patients continue as she will be working as a civilian provider at the Guam Regional Medical City, an acute care hospital in Dededo, Guam.

According to Lentz, she owes her successes to her parents, her daughter and her fiancé. She also shows gratitude to a fellow nurse, Carmelita Tomasiak, and her USNH Guam Internal Medicine team.

"My daughter puts up with me being a single parent," said Lentz. "She is an independent girl who rolls with the punches."

"My fiancé is retired Army, he always has advice because I'm a military newbie," said Lentz. "His institutional knowledge helps in many ways and him being local helps me connect to the island."

"Carmelita is someone essential to my ability to do my job every day," said Lentz. "Without her and the team, I would not be half the physician I am today. Carmelita is an exceptional nurse and individual; she taught me a great deal about what it means to care for our patients."

According to Lentz, she has a true love for the Navy and the island of Guam, its people, the traditions and culture. Although she is no longer at USNH Guam, she remains on island with her family.

"Without the Navy, I would have never had the opportunity to come to Guam, do what I do in Navy Medicine, and meet who I have met," said Lentz. "I will forever be grateful to the United States Navy."

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