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by Chris Carlson
Stripes Guam

We are excited to let you know that we just updated, our community site that pairs up with Stripes Guam! You’ll notice that there are more stories on our different pages. You’ll also see a big change on our Spotlight page, which now features more people from the military community. Who knows, maybe we’ll spotlight you.

But the biggest change to the site is that it is now a “responsive” one, meaning it will adapt to your mobile devices. This was a huge improvement because more than 50 percent of the folks who go to the site do so on a mobile device. So pull out your smartphone or tablet and check it out. In fact, you can do it now. Just use the QR code below. Now when you’re traveling around Guam, you can let this guide you on your adventures.

There are thousands of stories on the site, many written by readers like you. That’s what makes it and our community newspaper, Stripes Guam, work. Honestly, it’s the only way we can continue to make our community products useful for you. We rely heavily on the military community, PAOs, base leadership and organizations, as well as various websites and businesses.

We are all about giving you, our readers, a voice. You’ll notice the “Submit your story” bar on the homepage. All you have to do is click it and submit your story. It’s pretty simple. We’re not looking for award-winning material, just say what you have to say and we’ll post it on this site and maybe run it in Stripes Guam.

We have given you a voice, but it’s also important to know that we are listening to what you have to say. In fact, a majority of the changes to this as well as ones we have made in this paper and our other community products, are based on your input.

We care what you think and want to continue to hear from you. So drop us note or give us a call and we’ll get back to you. I promise.

In the meantime, explore and then get out there and explore Guam.

– Chris Carlson
Publishing and Media Design Manager
Stars and Stripes Pacific

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