Healthy Matters: Don't let end of summer ruin your fitness level

Healthy Matters: Don't let end of summer ruin your fitness level

by Randy Behr
Stripes Guam

The summer has flown by and you were able to devote much time to yourself like running, biking, working out, triathlons, fun runs, etc.  However, it has all come to an end with the children going back to school. I know what you’re thinking your time will be limited and all of the hard work that you put in the summer will be all for not.
Well, it doesn’t have to be.  Take a look at these 6 practical tips to ensure you will keep yourself fit.

1. Make sure to schedule your “workout” time into your daily schedule.  If you don’t do this then chances are you will procrastinate and find excuses not to workout.

2. When your son/daughter go to “sports practice” after school go join them. While your watching go climb the “football” stadium stairs, run the track or do push-ups and dips on the rails.  Be creative.

3. Involve the family to include children on the weekends.  Instead of staying home or going to the movies, how about a camping trip or a trip to the local fitness center that involves “bonding” and physical activity.

4. How about a family 5k run, a swim in the river or ocean? Maybe take a hike on the weekend to get the day started.

5. Develop a wife’s/spouse club where all of you can meet up for morning walks, workouts, etc.  Somewhat like a support group.  The more you stay involved with others the more likely you are to stay on-track.

6. Keep it fun and spontaneous. Use social media for daily runs, workouts, education, meet-ups, etc.  Connect with people to hold yourself accountable.

Don’t let the school season get you down, so continue where you left off from the summer and work right into the winter!

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