Healthy Matters: Why are you not doing the most underrated exercise in the world?

by Randy Behr
Stripes Guam

Walking, that’s right! It seems in some forums it receives a bad “rap” as we are in the age of “fancy” fitness exercises and the ever growing momentum of high intensity exercise.  However, walking still has its place in the industry, no matter who and what your goals are.  Take a look why as you might be surprised.

1. Walking is low impact.  This means less “pounding” on the body which translates to more safe then the majority of other exercises out there. As you get older you will appreciate this as it will save “wear and tear” on your body.

2. Anyone can walk- generally speaking regardless of size, shape, age, injuries, ailments it is possible for almost anyone to walk.  Research and experience tells us convenience is a huge indicator of adherence to a program.

3. It is easy to find “walking” groups as they are so plentiful.  If you don’t believe me look around walking is everyone and a way of life.

4. We all need weight bearing exercises to include children, females and older adults as it assists in maintaining “bone density” to mitigate osteoporosis and other degenerative complications.

5. You can enjoy this activity with your family and it crosses many generations as it knows no boundaries race, culture, age, creed, etc.

6. It is a life-long skill even if you develop degenerative (arthritis) complications. The general consensus from Doctors is it is still better than not being active (due to many other complications) so just do what you can.

7. It is a great recovery activity the day after a high intensity session. An opportunity to replace glycogen storage and improve blood flow to name a few benefits. Trust me your body will appreciate the break.

8. It is diverse as you can vary the intensity without needing other accessories and machines by simply changing the pace and using natural terrain. For example, an incline will increase lower-body strength as well as elevate the heart rate and a decline will work more of a “speed component” and an eccentric standpoint.

9. It can be accomplished without a fitness center.

10. It is a precursor for running-before you can walk you must be able to walk efficiently.

So, don’t be fooled by those who continually downplay the benefits. Also, don’t overestimate “high-intensity” workouts and definitely don’t underestimate the benefits of recovery and steady-state of walking.

Ultimately, you must find a mix and balance of both for optimal results.

All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other to see benefits.


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