Independent Guåhan to honor Doc Sanchez and discuss culturally relevant education March 7

Independent Guåhan to honor Doc Sanchez and discuss culturally relevant education March 7

Independent Guåhan

For Immediate Release, March 4, 2019- Independent Guåhan (IG) invites the public to attend their upcoming General Assembly (GA) to take place on Thursday, March 7thfrom 6:00-7:30 pm at the Main Pavilion of the Chamorro Village in Hagåtña. This GA will focus on how an independent Guåhan can develop locally relevant and effective curriculum for island students and also honor the legacy of the late educational pioneer Dr. Pedro “Doc” Sanchez.
In a 1971 speech before the faculty of the University of Guam, Dr. Pedro Sanchez noted that “…education is formulated on the proposition that the objective of the school is more than the dissemination of knowledge. Its central focus is the development of human being who can cope with their life problems and become effective participants in society.” Education is at its core about preparing youth to be able to negotiate the challenges that they will likely face.
The current educational system on Guam, which has been imported primarily from the US, is hardly adequate to prepare young to succeed in this region. Rather then ground the educational experiences of island youth in the land, islands and cultures around us, it focuses on the United States, Europe and their history and reality. This month’s GA will focus on how an independent Guåhan can design an educational system that is culturally relevant and guided by indigenous knowledge and expertise.
With this in mind, IG will honor as their maga’taotao the late Dr. Pedro “Doc” Sanchez who left a significant legacy on Guam its educational system and the very telling of its history during his lifetime. A war survivor and son of Guam educational pioneer Simon Sanchez, Dr. Sanchez became one of the first Chamorus to obtain a doctorate degree and later returned to Guam to work as a professor, a college dean and the second President of the University of Guam. 

Keenly aware that much of Guam’s history had been told and decided by outsiders, Dr. Sanchez spent much of his life writing and publishing books about Guam/Chamoru history, especially the experiences of those who endured Japanese occupation during World War II. His most ambitious work Guam/Guahan: The History of Our Island was published posthumously in 1991. Independent Guåhan is proud to honor his legacy.

For more information, please contact Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua at (671) 988-7106, email, or visit



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