Independent Guåhan offering their first Hale'-ta Hike of 2019 to Fouha Rock in Humåtak

Independent Guåhan

Independent Guåhan invites the public to participate in its first Hale'-ta Hike of 2019, Lukao Fuha, which will take island residents to Fouha Rock in Humåtak on February 16, 2019. Those interested in attending the hike should gather at the GPA substation outside of Humåtak village on Route 2 at 8 am. The Hale'-ta Hike will being at 8:30.

The Hale’-ta Hikes are offered by Independent Guåhan as a means of helping develop meaningful and respectful community engagement around our island’s historic and sacred sites. In 2018, the ArtReach Committee of Independent Guåhan organized three Hale'-ta Hikes to different places that hold important significance to the Chamoru people across their history.

Fouha Rock occupies a central place in the Chamoru creation story and ancient Chamorus would gather there each year to pay respect to the spirits of their ancestors. Due to Spanish colonization this pilgrimage was not made for centuries. In recent years different cultural organizations have sought to revive that tradition of a lukao or a spiritual procession to Fouha Bay. Independent Guåhan is proud to continue this tradition through their Hale'-ta Hike series.

Those interested in joining this month’s Hale’-ta Hike are encouraged to wear shoes with good traction and be prepared to wade through knee to waist-deep water for a short period. Water and snacks are also encouraged. In addition to learning about the cultural significance of Fouha Rock, hike attendees will also help by cleaning the trail of garbage. 
For more information, please contact Michael Lujan Bevacqua at 988-7106 or email, or visit

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