Korean who assaulted air crew likely to return home after detained in Guam for 2 years

by Busan Haps Magazine
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After spending two years in home detention in Guam while his case was being resolved, the lawyer for a man who caused a flight disturbance after assaulting flight crew aboard a South Korean air flight in 2016 will not face any more prison time and will likely be returning to South Korea.

The Pacific Daily News reports that the South Korean Dentist involved in the incident was detained for 57 days has since lost his dental practice while being forced to stay in Guam. According to court documents he tried to punch a flight attendant, and dragged the attendant through the aisle.

Court documents recount that with about an hour left in the flight from South Korea to Guam, flight crew reported the smell of cigarette smoke coming from the airplane’s restroom. The defendent reportedly admitted to smoking and told the flight attendant he would pay a fine. He also tried to order two more beers.

He then became angry after the flight attendant refused to give him more beer, court documents state.

In court he pleaded guilty to interference with flight crew members and attendants. Over the course of the case he was sentenced twice, but appealed and won.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Leon Guerrero said this the incident was a serious case and that Kwon “engaged in violent conduct in a confined environment.”

The defendent’s attorney, Federal Public Defender John Gorman, said Kwon was now and will likely return to South Korea.

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