Military brat recalls time on Guam

by Becky Hazen

My family, Dad, Mom, sister, brother and I moved to Guam from Norfolk, Virginia. I was 3, my sister 13, my brother 10. We lived in the old quonset hut's on Guam until we had base housing.

I remember begging my brother to tie my shoes because in the morning, there we the biggest bugs we had ever seen! We moved on base and our,duplex type house, neighbors had kids my siblings knew from the neighborhood in Va. Our families became life long friends.

I remember beach days wearing sneakers in the water because of the coral. Big band music at the club was the "thing" for the parents. Awesome music for the kids! Old westerns and war movies on the only tv station. We had a dog. Found him in one of the caves. We named him Muttley.

We moved to Kingsville, Tx and our neighbors moved to Beeville, Tx.. The friendship continued. Next station was back to Norfolk, Va. and they moved there, too. The late 80's brought us to Rota, Spain and our life long friends had retired. They came to Spain to visit for a few weeks and we reconnected in the 80's when we were back stateside.

I'll never forget that call my parents received from our friends asking to meet in Tennessee. They wanted one last visit to let my folks know that John had brain cancer and he wanted to express the love and joy he had for our families. I was grateful that my husband and I had been able to play a round of golf with them at NAS Pensacola. I grew up with them and to have an adult relationship for those few times were an accumulation of a lifetime journey.

I still get ready to stand for the pledge of allegiance at the movies. The National Anthem brings tears to my eyes. Don't even get me started on taps!

It's been an honor to be a Navy brat! Fb has brought all of us brats back together and the bond is truly like family. I truly love our country and am so very thankful for the sacrifices of our military families!

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