Neni and Okeanos Marianas leave for Pagan April 29

by Emma Perez, 500 Sails & Dolphin Club Saipan
Stripes Guam

A small flotilla made up of international sailing vessels leaves for Pagan from Smiling Cove Sunday morning, April 29, at 9 a.m.

500 Sails' 26-foot Chamorro canoe Neni - will be sailed by master navigator Ali Haleyalur, Jerry Joseph, and Leo Pangelinan. Leo was one of the crew for Neni's first open ocean sail to Tinian during the Pika Festival.

Okeanos Marianas - will be sailed by Captain Cecilio Raiukiulipiy with the crew of the Okeanos Marianas, joined by special guests Deiter Paulmann - Chairman, and Dena Seidel - Director, of Okeanos Foundation for the Sea.

Also joining is Aoba, a western sailboat captained by Ron Smith. Special guests on Aoba include Deirdre Golani, who was on the Okeanos Marianas voyage from New Zealand to Saipan, and Chef Zenn Tomokane, who has a deep interest in cooking with local foods in traditional manners. We look forward to the ideas exposure to Gani (the islands north of Saipan) bring to him.

This will be the first time a Chamorro canoe has gone north in modern history. Having Okeanos Marianas here as escort vessel is making it possible. This is the beginning of sustainable sea transportation to our beautiful northern islands.

All photos by Dan Lin.

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