Online shopping simplified Oct. 1 marks new day for DeCA patron access to benefit

Online shopping simplified Oct. 1 marks new day for DeCA patron access to benefit

by Jessica Rouse
DeCA Public Affairs

FORT LEE, Va. – The Defense Commissary Agency’s new customer portal, MyCommissary, launches Oct. 1, laying the foundation for more ways to shop and offering patrons access to their commissary’s biweekly sales flyer. In the future, customers will also be able to check their online shopping history, create shopping lists, read and submit product reviews and view product and pricing information.

“More and more of our patrons are accessing our website before they travel to their commissary,” said Hector Granado, DeCA marketing director. “With the launch of the MyCommissary portal, we are making their online shopping experience easier and more efficient.”

It’s easy to use. An initial sign-up is required the first time patrons access MyCommissary. During sign up, customers will enter their address, first and last name, date of birth and the last four digits of their social security number. It’s a one-time authentication – once customers sign up they will not need to do so again to navigate the portal’s different features.

“We know our patrons place a high value on keeping their information private,” Granado said. “They can rest assured that the information is only being collected to confirm their eligibility for the benefit.”

The portal will create no changes for patrons who currently use CLICK2GO, DeCA’s online ordering and pick up service, offered at Fort Lee, Virginia, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, and Travis Air Force Base, California. Users only need to log into MyCommissary first to access the service or continue to log in directly from

“One of the more notable changes will be the transition of the Commissary Rewards Card,” said Granado. “When patrons sign up for MyCommissary we encourage them to also update their rewards card to the new system.”

Patrons with active Commissary Rewards Cards should take note of the following information:

· Beginning at 12 a.m. EST, Sept. 30, there will be a 24-hour outage for the current rewards card website. During that time, accessing the rewards card or clipping new coupons will not be available.  

· Any coupons already loaded to a card, but not redeemed, will be available for use until the expiration date.

· Beginning Oct. 1, patrons can update their rewards card number within the MyCommissary portal using the number on the back of the card including the leading “4” and the following 10 digits.  

For more questions about the rewards card, call 855-829-6219 (the phone number on the back of all rewards cards). For all other questions, use the Customer Comment Form.

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