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by Marine Corps Activity Guam
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ASAN, GUAM – A team consisting of members from the Guam State Historic Preservation Office, the State archaeologist, along with environmental managers and archaeologists from Marine Corps Activity Guam visited the construction site for the future Marine Corps base in Finegayan, Dec. 13.
The visit followed the discovery of prehistoric cultural features during construction work that was taking place on Dec. 5. The artifacts observed included two possible fire features, Latte Period pottery sherds, and several hand-tool lithics.
Consistent with the 2011 Programmatic Agreement, once the archaeological monitor noted the discovery, all work was halted at the site, the area was appropriately cordoned off, and the Marine Corps Activity Guam archaeologist was notified.
The Navy and Marine Corps in consultation with the State Historic Preservation Office continue to uphold every commitment made to preserve cultural resources at the site of the future Marine Corps base in Finegayan.
“We had a very productive visit today with SHPO staff, including the State Archaeologist Mr. John Mark Joseph. We thank our preservation partners for discussing matters face-to-face and for their effort to have a common understanding of the prehistoric site,” said Ronnie Rogers, MCAG archaeologist. “We also appreciate Ms. Lynda Aguon’s detailed comments on the find. We are in the process of providing appropriate consideration of her feedback for inclusion in the Navy’s mitigation plan under development.”
In accordance with the 2011 PA, the DON will perform data recovery, which is a form of archaeological investigation that is intended to create a permanent record of a cultural site’s characteristics through careful excavation and study to preserve the information for posterity. After investigations are completed, the educational material will be shared with the public for opportunities to appreciate and learn about the daily lives of Guam’s early inhabitants.
The Department of the Navy respects the rich cultural heritage of Guam and remains committed to the cultural and historical preservation of the island. For more information, please visit the Cultural Resources Information web site:; the Joint Region Marianas web site, and the Marine Corps Activity Guam Facebook page.

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