Time to vote for the Best of the Pacific 2021

Time to vote for the Best of the Pacific 2021

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A new year is upon us, and it’s time once again to turn your attention to the yearly tradition unlike any other – Best of the Pacific voting season!

For the past 20 years, our annual Best of the Pacific magazine has been the authority on the best places YOU need to go in the Pacific. How do we know? Because you told us so!

VOTE HERE: https://bestofpacific.stripes.com/

You’ve made your voices heard over the years, and in turn, informed fellow members of the military community like yourselves of the Pacific’s best attractions, restaurants, festivals, Sunday brunch, getaways and more.

Have a favorite bowling alley that also just happens to serve the best wings around? What about that on-base lodging that goes above and beyond in ensuring you enjoy your stay? We want to know what you like and most importantly, why you like it so much.

Voting is quick, easy and you just might get your name in the magazine. So, please take a few minutes to vote by going to bestofpacific.stripes.com. And if you do, you may qualify to win a $300, $200 or $100 Exchange gift card.

We at Stars and Stripes want to thank you for helping us make our community products ones that help you enjoy your stay in the Pacific. That’s what we’re all about. As we are fond of saying, our papers, websites and magazines “are about you, for you, and in some cases, by you.”

The votes keep rolling in year after year and it’s all thanks to you! We had a great turnout in 2020, and we expect nothing short of a record number of votes in 2021. So, be sure to take a minute or two and vote for your favorites so even more of you can experience the best the Pacific has to offer!

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