Top tips for new, on-the-go parents

Top tips for new, on-the-go parents

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Parenthood doesn’t mean putting the brakes on your on-the-go lifestyle.

Whether taking an everyday adventure or traveling far, ensure smoother sailing for the whole family with these tips from Lauren Parry, a mom of two and creator of the blog, “Outfits & Outings.”

For Shorter Trips

- Make diaper bag packing an art form: Remember being able to jet out the door with just your keys, phone and wallet? Life is a bit more complicated these days, even for short jaunts. The general rule is to pack one diaper for each hour you’ll be in transit, plus extras in case of delays. In addition to wipes and diaper rash cream, it’s also good to carry plastic bags for storing soiled clothing.

- Accessorize: “Before heading out, check the weather and gear up your stroller!” suggests Parry. “Sometimes, you’ll be gone for hours or even the entire day, and you’ll want to ensure you have everything you need, rain or shine.”

Never underestimate the importance of a weather shield to block wind and rain or to add extra insulation on colder days. Fold it up and keep it in the basket of the stroller. A parent console is also useful. It adds extra storage and allows you to easily and instantly access go-to items.

For the Longer Haul

- Make sleeping arrangements: Going out of town? Save yourself the hassle of bringing certain baby gear -- like playards and high chairs -- that can be provided by a hotel. But don’t make any assumptions about what’s available. Call ahead to avoid surprises.

- Encourage comfort: Hotels can be loud due to street noise, the sounds of nearby guests and other disruptions. A soothing white noise machine can help, or replicate home comforts by selecting accommodations through a rental-by-owner site.

For Adventures Near & Far

- Get a chic ride: “Whether I’m running errands or on a family vacation, I can’t stress enough how much the right stroller matters,” says Parry, who recommends the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX because of its ultra-compact, lightweight frame and versatility.

Parry notes that her stroller of choice comes with five different riding options, a reversible seat and accepts an infant car seat or foldable pram to accommodate newborns. Parents can also make it a double stroller by attaching a glider board. Other useful features include a one-hand fold and a carry bag for transportation.

“One thing I quickly learned was that you have to be flexible when kids are in tow. This means you need a stroller that’s adaptable to whatever your needs are at that particular moment,” says Parry. “This stroller’s features -- including an easy-to-use hand brake, durable tires, and 3-panel canopy -- make it easy to stay on-the-go and keep my baby happy while I’m out and about.”

To learn more about the City Tour LUX, recommended for children up to 45 pounds, visit

- Keep hunger at bay: No matter where you’re headed or how you’re getting there, snacks are essential. Cheerios are a good go-to but try to keep a few favorites stored in the diaper bag. When possible, opt for less messy items to minimize the potential for spills and stains.

Traveling with children is never easy but being prepared will help the whole family have fun, no matter the adventure.

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