Two Girl Scouts in California honored in live "Face Time" connection from Guam

Two Girl Scouts in California honored in live "Face Time" connection from Guam

by Senator Rory J. Respicio

May 8, 2014‐ For the first time, Senator Rory J. Respicio presented Legislative Certificates (No. 136‐32) to recognize and honor two Girl Scouts “live” by way of computer messaging on FaceTime, which is videotelephony and Voice Over IP (VOIP) software.

Using a computer with a built‐in camera, Senator Respicio was able to electronically present the certificates to the Girl Scouts and their parents, who were watching from California. The Scouts, Allison “Alli” Ronneburg, and Elena Marie Santos‐Gonzalez, both 8 years old, received the certificates as members of the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council, Central West, in Riverside, California.

Scout Alli is from Troop No. 161, and Scout Elena is from Troop No. 237. The Scouts were “1st Place Winners of the Business Women Extraordinary Photo Contest,” having the most “Likes” on their photo entry, helping them learn to become “ethical leaders and creative entrepreneurs, exemplifying being young business woman extraordinaire through this friendly competition.” Initially, Scout Alli was the 1st Place Winner with 726 votes and Scout Elena next with 668 votes. Scout Alli’s Mom, Jenny Ronneburg had requested to Elizabeth Locke‐Thomas, the Vice‐President for Retail & Product Sales of the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council for both young scouts be 1st Place winners and she agreed to it.

In an email to the two scouts, Vice‐President Locke‐Thomas said, “In business there is always competition. Sometimes it makes people act in a different way than is the best way – just to win. We know you learned this from both your moms..beautiful people who saw and understood the fun in this competition. Your votes were so close, neck to neck for so long. Instead of things getting crazy, you all became brand new Girl Scout friends all because of a photo contest. We are so proud of both your families‐ The greatest lesson we can ever teach is how to be a good sport, this lesson carries you through all of life. You are both wonderful examples of good sports and great Girl Scouts!”

The Guam connection is Scout Elena, whose mother Michelle is Chamorro, and who encouraged friends in Guam to vote for Elena. The Senator noted that both girls had hundreds of supporters each, and their parents received special recognition.

Senator Respicio said he was “pleased to present the 1st ever Legislative Certificates over a FaceTime communications line set‐up between Guam and California. Congratulations to Elena and Alli on your outstanding sportsmanship and to Michelle and Jenny for being great moms.”

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