Valley of the Latte and Ulitao present 1st Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi on Oct. 1 & 2

Valley of the Latte and Ulitao present 1st Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi on Oct. 1 & 2

by Valley of the Latte
Valley of the Latte

Valley of the Latte and the proud people of Ulitao honor the ancient Chamorro tradition of seafaring by hosting the highly anticipated 1st Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi – The Festival of the Canoes - this upcoming weekend on October 1st and 2nd at Talofofo Bay. The Festival will mark the initial preparation and construction an outrigger canoe that will ultimately sail to Hawaii to represent Micronesia and the Chamorro culture at the upcoming FestPac 2020. I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi celebrates the cultivation of Micronesian seafaring expertise and craftsmanship and highlights true community in Guam.

The Festival will also feature the opening of the new Ulitao Canoe School. Ron Acfalle, founder of Ulitao, says, “The Festival serves as a great opportunity to accomplish the widely supported goal of re-introducing the ancient seafaring tradition, culture, and canoe-building skills of the people of Guam.” Along with demonstrations of canoe building and sailing, visitors will also be able to enjoy many other traditions, such as coconut oil making and local artwork.

The Festival grounds boasts an exciting opportunity for families of all ages and backgrounds to experience the Talofofo River in a way that is uniquely Guam. Along with showcasing ancient Chamorro sites in a well preserved, beautiful environment, the Valley of the Latte offers family-friendly fun through various activities along the majestic Talofofo river, such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

“The Valley of the Latte is the perfect place to experience and actually see an authentic Chamorro village,” said John Aguon, owner of the Karabao ride, “with the help of Ulitao and I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi, we have a chance to strengthen the Chamorro culture, as well as educate our people and visitors of who we are traditionally”.
The 1st Annual I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi will begin at 9:30am with a historic opening ceremony. Traditional canoes will paddle up the river to the Ulitao School and the festival grounds under the direction of Ron Acfalle. The opening ceremony will be dedicated to the late Chris Bejado, former owner of Proa and Ulitao seafarer, and will kick start the first day of I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi. The Festival will end at 5:00pm on day 1 but will continue on October 2nd from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Come and experience Guam at the Valley of the Latte, located along Route 4 at Talofofo Bay.

For more information on I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi, please contact Ron Acfalle at 689-8277, or visit the Valley of the Latte website:

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