War in the Pacific National Historical Park Kicks off "Every Kid in the Park" initiative

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War In the Pacific

"Every Kid in a Park" initiative is aimed at providing an opportunity for every fourth grade student (approximately 4 million) across the country to experience national parks in person throughout the 2015- 2016 school year. Over the long term, the goal is to have an ongoing, yearly commitment to bring 4th graders to their public lands and waters so that all children have the opportunity to build a connection by the time they are 12 years old. As public lands serve as natural tools for learning, these students will be exposed to and build ownership of their cultural and natural heritage.

The long term goal of this initiative is to inspire, educate, and grow a new generation of environmental ambassadors and stewards, ready to preserve and protect our public lands. It is closely aligned with the NPS Centennial goal to engage the next generation of park visitors, advocates, and supporters. "Every Kid in a Park" initiative is an important part of the National Park Service's 2016 Centennial celebration, which encourages everyone to Find Your Park.

The War in the Pacific National Historical Park offers numerous opportunities for parents and educators to visit to have their kids and students involved in enlightening, character building and fun activities around our park. The Reef Ranger, River Ranger and Jr. Ranger educational programs provide  opportunities to get our youths in the great outdoors while learning about this national treasure.

The "Every Kid in a Park" pass is only necessary for park sites that have an entrance fee. This pass will be significant to enter other National Park sites throughout the mainland, Hawaii, Alaska and other U.S. territories. To learn more about "Every Kid in a Park" initiative and how to receive your free park pass please visit www.everykidinapark.gov.

All events and park units at War in the Pacific National Historical Park are free (no fee entrance) and open to the public. Visitors can also hear from a park ranger with the park's cell phone audio tour, available 24 hours a day. Tour stops are located at ten points throughout the park. Dial 866-418-3963 to listen to the tour in English or Japanese.

For more information on specific programs, call 671-333-4050 or visit www.nps.gov/wapa for more details and a  map of park units.

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