Water distributed from Fena Reservoir will be discolored, still safe for consumption

Water distributed from Fena Reservoir will be discolored, still safe for consumption

by US Naval Base Guam
U.S. Navy

UPDATE: High levels of iron and manganese in water originating from the Fena Reservoir have caused a brownish tint in the drinking water supplied to Navy customers. The water is safe to drink and continues to meet guidelines set forth by the Guam Environmental Protection Agency Safe Water Drinking Act.

Iron and manganese are naturally occurring elements that only affect the aesthetic quality of the water. The Navy has initiated treatment procedures to remove these naturally occurring elements and to return the water to its normal appearance. The timeline as to when the water is expected to clear up is indefinite as it is dependent on several factors including weather conditions


SANTA RITA, Guam (Aug. 4, 2014) – Residents are advised that the water distributed from Fena Reservoir is expected to be discolored starting at 3 p.m. today due to a rise in turbidity.

The turbidity is caused by the large amounts of runoff that has been pouring into the reservoir from the recent storm.

The water has been tested, is safe to consume, and compliant with Safe Drinking Water standards. The water does NOT need to be boiled.

All customers who receive water from the Navy will be affected including homes, offices and businesses located on Naval Base Guam installations. The Navy also provides water to Guam Waterworks Authority, who in turn provides water to its customers.

The Navy will continue to monitor and treat the water in order to minimize the discoloration.

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