Whole Health, the Veteran’s experience

Whole Health, the Veteran’s experience

by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
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VA’s Whole Health approach lets Veterans take charge of their health based on their priorities with the support of Whole Health peer facilitators on their health team.
Watch this 3-minutes video to learn more about the VA Whole Health System and the impact this model is having on Veterans. Meet Veterans who are serving as Whole Health peer facilitators to support their comrades in achieving their goals as they explore what matters most in their lives.  Learn how VA’s Whole Health approach is empowering, equipping, and treating Veterans based on their priorities, helping Veterans become mission ready for life.
  • The Pathway Empowers: As you will see in this video, Veterans begin the pathway to whole health with fellow Veterans through an introduction to Whole Health and a program called, Taking Charge of Your Life and Health.  In a partnership with peers, Veterans explore their mission, aspirations, and purpose in life. VA health teams guide and assist Veterans throughout their Whole Health journey. Veterans are introduced to a personal health inventory which is a holistic self-assessment.  Once individual goals are developed, Veterans begin creating a personal health plan that helps them achieve greater health and well-being through enhanced sleep, pain management, or other key areas of importance to the individual.
  • Well-being programs equip: Once Veterans determine their priorities, the VA health team helps identify well-being programs that enhance self-care. These well-being programs help Veterans address a range of issues that impact physical, emotional, and mental health. There is a special emphasis on life balance, movement, flexibility, and attainment of a general sense of fulfillment and joy. As you will see, well-being programs can include physical activities, meditative practices, or creative expression which can be accessed in person or through online resources.
  • Whole Health Clinical Care TREATS: Clinical care, when needed, is an important part of any personal health plan. Clinical care is provided by clinicians who utilize a whole health approach which is grounded in a healing relationship which is critically important for Veterans with complex conditions, such as chronic pain and the invisible wounds of war.
To learn more about Whole Health, please visit the VA Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation website and begin your Whole Health journey.

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