Will you Konqer?

Will you Konqer?

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When was the last time you did something for the first time? On November 29th, there will be a new event in town…and it ain’t your mama’s 5K.  Introducing Konqer — a 3.9-mile Obstacle Course Run at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo that will be full of obstacles to jump off, climb over, crawl under, wade through and plenty of opportunities to get a little dirty.

“Think of it as Guam’s version of a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race,” explains PIVOT’s business director Tom Akigami. “This will be a really unique run, with a tough and gritty course that will be new to most runners.  It will be a great change of pace from the typical road races that are so common on the island.”

Konqer is part of PIVOT’s yearlong fitness event series, XTERRA Island, and will be accompanied by the Adventure Expo, featuring live music, activities, local vendors and brands, food, drinks and more.

While solo runners are more than welcome, participants will have the opportunity to put together a team of up to 20 runners to traverse the course together.

“The course is challenging, and we want runners to have that camaraderie in mind as they go through it.  Whether you’re teammates or complete strangers, help everyone out and everyone will help you back,” says Akigami.  “Plus, having a group of people encouraging each other to push forward through the obstacles makes it even sweeter when you get to the finish line.”

The course utilizes the Jose & Herminia Calvo Memorial Off-Road Park which is used for off-road vehicle races, and the terrain includes various rocky hills and jumps that will make the course naturally challenging. Some of the obstacles runners will face include a 9-foot wall climb, and army crawl under netting and sets of monkey bars to cross.

“We don’t plan to release all the information about the obstacles on the course, because we still want to have that element of surprise for our Konqerers,” Akigami reveals. “Not knowing exactly what’s coming next is part of the fun!”

Registration for the event will only be available online at XTERRAIsland.com, Prices will continue to increase until the registration deadline of Friday, November 9th.

The Adventure Expo will be open to the public, and spectators are encouraged to attend and enjoy the festivities.  A complete list of vendors and planned activities will continue to be updated at XTERRAIsland.com.

“We’ll keep you updated with all the latest race details, and even provide training tips at XTERRAIsland.com,” said Akigami.  “The only question you’ll need to ask is — ‘Will I Konqer?’”

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