GCC brings Global Cardboard Challenge to Guam on Oct. 13-14

by Guam Community College
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The GCC Education Department is bringing an awesome creative exercise for children to Guam: The Global Cardboard Challenge. The Cardboard Challenge is a project inspired by an elementary school student in Los Angeles who created a huge arcade made entirely of cardboard boxes and other materials recycled from his father’s auto parts store. The Global Cardboard Challenge invites students to use their imagination to create and invent things entirely from cardboard and other recycled materials.

To introduce Guam to the Global Cardboard Challenge, GCC will host events on October 13 and 14 in the Multipurpose Auditorium (Building 400).

On Monday, October 13 from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, postsecondary and secondary students (from George Washington High School) in GCC’s Early Childhood Education program will set up and display in the MPA the cardboard projects they have created for a group of pre-school and elementary school students. GCC is also working with San Vicente Catholic School on this initial project (as some GCC ECE graduates are now employed there as teachers), having the elementary school students engage in the creative process by first drawing their project concepts, and then constructing them as part of a school and family project.

On Tuesday, October 14 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, the San Vicente Catholic School students will take a field trip to GCC to display THEIR Cardboard Challenge projects to the GCC Early Childhood Education postsecondary and secondary students.

“What we hope to do this year, our first year, is to inspire schools to get involved and to spread the message of the value of creativity as a critical part of the learning process. We are teaching our own secondary and postsecondary students this creative process through their participation as well,” noted Dr. Clare Camacho, GCC Early Childhood Education professor.

“Next year, we hope to engage more elementary schools to host cardboard challenges at their schools, and then have a giant Guam Cardboard Challenge here at GCC where students bring their projects and set them up here for all to see,” explained Dr. Camacho.

For more information on the GCC Cardboard Challenge, contact Dr. Camacho at 735-5656 or at clare.camacho@guamcc.edu.

A video of the arcade that inspired the Global Cardboard Challenge is available at:
For information on the Global Cardboard Challenge, go to:

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