Guam’s Sea Cadets stand proud for inspection

by Cali A. Strantz
Guam High School Junior

US Naval Base Guam – On Feb. 10 the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps youth organization on Guam completed their annual unit physical inspection.
There are approximately 75 Sea Cadets on Guam representing a diverse mixture of DoD dependent and local children from schools and villages throughout the island.  The Cadets are led by 10 dedicated adult volunteer leaders, both active-duty and civilian.  In addition to Sea Cadet activities, many of them are academic scholars, multi-sport athletes and volunteer in community service throughout the island.
LCDR Joseph W. Strantz, NSCC, a Federal civilian and the FBI Resident Agent-in-Charge of the FBI Guam and Saipan offices in the Marianas, directs the Sea Cadet program on Guam. 

“The Sea Cadets are a Congressionally chartered youth organization that seeks to build self-confidence, teamwork, leadership skills, broaden perspectives of the world, and provide hands-on training in many career fields,” said Strantz, who assists many of the Sea Cadets “rising seniors” with their enlistments or entrance into commissioning programs. 

CAPT Stanley J. Mack, USN-Retired, who serves as the National Headquarters regional representative and Reviewing Officer, oversaw the Sea Cadet annual unit physical inspection.  Also in attendance was special reviewing officer and keynote speaker, Guam Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio, who addressed the Cadets on service careers, honor and mission.  

After inspecting the Sea Cadet Corps on Guam, Mack commended the Guam-based Sea Cadets and their officers, saying “This was one of the best inspections I have ever done.  The Cadets look outstanding.”  

The inspection was followed by a promotion and award ceremony, where Mack pinned Sea Cadet Petty Officer 2nd Class Clayton A. Mitchell with his new crow insignia, and status as Lead Petty Officer (LPO).  PO2 Mitchell is a rising senior at Harvest Christian Academy in Guam, and is seeking admission to one of the service academies.  

Other Sea Cadets were awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Navy League Youth Medal, and Commander’s Award for Excellence.  Cadet Ben Manry, was named Honor Cadet for his outstanding performance during the Sea Cadet summer recruit training and basic orientation boot camp.  Manry is the son of CAPT Keith Manry, USAF Chaplin Corps, stationed at Andersen AFB, Guam.  

Strantz describes Cadet Manry as “a hard charging, overachieving Cadet with amazing focus and attention to detail and a bright future”.  

Following the inspection and award ceremony, proud parents treated all to a delicious reception spread of local Guam food, which is a combination of Chamorro, Filipino and Asian dishes. With the annual unit physical inspection in their wake, the Sea Cadets on Guam steam forward with their 2018 training schedule.

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