The Guam Bus launches newest bilingual children's book - "Hu Guaiya Hao Taiguihi"

The Guam Bus launches newest bilingual children's book - "Hu Guaiya Hao Taiguihi"

The Guam Bus

The Guam Bus is a creative collective run by brothers – Michael and Jack Lujan Bevacqua (Familian Kabesa yan Bittot) – that produces and publishes Chamoru-themed books, comics and other educational materials aimed at promoting the Chamoru language, culture. On Saturday, November 16th, 2019 – from 9 am – 12 pm, at Java Junction, the Guam Bus will be launching its newest publication, Hu Guaiya Hao Taiguihi, a bilingual Chamoru-English children’s book, that is ideal for young readers.The book launch will feature readings, activities, a free Chamoru language lesson and also refreshments. It is open to everyone.

Hu Guaiya Hao Taiguihi is the third Chamoru-language children’s book published by The Guam Bus. The first, Sumåhi and the Karabao was published in 2015 and features different stories of karabao in Chamoru culture and Guam history. The second, The Adventures of Akli’e’ was published in 2017 and provides stories of Guam legends and traditional Chamoru farming tools. Hu Guaiya Hao Taiguihi continues this tradition by combing simple Chamoru language text, with colorful images great for families who would like to read and learn more Chamoru in their homes.

Michael Lujan Bevacqua, is the translator for Hu Guaiya Hao Taiguihi and is an Assistant Professor of Chamorro Studies at the University of Guam and noted authority on Chamoru language, culture and history. Jack Lujan Bevacqua has illustrated several books including Åpu and Isa Learn to Conserve and Un Ha’åni yan Si Ena.

In addition to children’s books, The Guam Bus has also published two Chamoru-themed comic books and released earlier this year Gå’ga’ Guåhan Siha or a set of Chamoru language animal flash cards. All their products can be purchased in location such as The Guam Museum, Bonita Baby, New Memories, The Valley of the Latte, the UOG bookstore and also through their website,

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