A Guam kid’s take on Dad’s deployments

by Jolie Buyson, Anderson Elementary School 5th Grade
Stripes Guam
Being a military child can be tough and frustrating sometimes. However, if you know how to handle it then it won’t be so hard. My dad has been in the military ever since I was born. Some kids are new to the military life but for me it’s pretty familiar. My dad comes home late sometimes and I don’t get to see him, however he will be waiting for me in the mornings on his days off. Sometimes, my dad even has to work on weekends!
My first experience with deployment is when I was pretty young, maybe like 4-years-old. My dad was only gone for a few months or weeks but it felt like years to me. I had a really strong bond with my dad when I was younger and I guess I just missed him a lot. Deployment is one of the downsides of being a military child because your mom or dad have to leave you. My dad has been deployed many times, the hardest one was for a year! It was hard because a year is a long time and my brother and I were really sad the day he left. The good thing was he had month long breaks, which gave him time to see us he was very impressed by how much we have grown from the day he left. We at least grew 2 or 4 inches when he was gone. We also were impressed on how much he grew too. to see him and hug him again was a really great feeling.
To me moving was very hard because I had so many friends in the places I moved to. I’ve been to Germany, England, Missouri, and now Guam. Missouri was the most sad because we stayed there for 7 years which is rare for a military family to stay that long in one place. My brother and I loved it there because that was the place that we grew up. When we had orders to Guam I got mad and sad at the same time because I was going to lose my friends that I grew up with. I was also gonna miss my favorite places that we used to go to a lot. I was also scared about my new school and making friends but that turned out to be the easy part. So moving wasn’t so bad for me. At first I was scared but now I feel like it was a great change, so I can definitely relate to kids that are not used to moving but still have to go through it.
Like I said in the beginning, being a military child is tough but if you know how to handle it then it won’t be as hard. I really enjoy being a military child, some people may not but I really do. I’ve been a military child all my life and because of it I have learned a lot and have been blessed by food on the table every night and a home to always be welcome at. I also want to say thankyou to my dad for working so hard for my mom,brother, and me. Thank You for working on weekends and making it up to us. Also, for teaching me life skills you’ve learned in the military for protecting myself. Thank you for listening to my story of being a military child.

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