How to keep your kids learning all summer

How to keep your kids learning all summer

by Elizabeth Jones
Stripes Guam

School is out and you want to find ways to help your children continue to learn. How do you test their knowledge in an exciting way? Don’t worry! There are multiple ways to keep your kids learning all summer long.

Outdoor Games

Make the most of the outdoors this summer while playing games that will get your kids moving and learning!

Waterballoon Sight Words helps kids cool off in the summer heat and teaches them new words.

Number Line Run is a math game that teaches young kids math and is a refresher for older kids to brush up on their skills.


Crafting is a wonderful, interactive way for kids to learn and have fun. Start crafting to get your kid’s creative juices flowing.

The Archaeologist Alphabet Matching Game is for young children learning the alphabet and capitalization.

Mystery Clock helps young children learn how to read and tell time.

Fractional Flowers teach children about fractions

Ice Cream in a Bag is a great way for kids to learn about science and enjoy a delicious treat. 


Getting your children to play on a tablet or smartphone shouldn’t be too hard. However, finding educational apps for them can be.

Funbrain Jr. teaches young children about numbers, letters and patterns.

Toontastic teaches kids about the elements of storytelling by having them choose characters and settings to create their own story.

50 Languages mixes audio and text learning methods to help children pick up basic vocabulary and fluently speak short sentences in more than 50 different languages.

Endless Word uses fun graphics to bring sight words and short sentences to life for young readers.

Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun is for children in grades 1-8 and provides arcade-style maze games to enhance problem solving skills for word problems.

Free Science Bear has more than 200 questions and links to videos for middleschoolers to learn about the periodic table, chemistry, atoms, elements, forces and other physical science subjects.


Similar to playing on tablets and smartphones, kids love to watch TV. There are many educational, kid-friendly shows on Netflix that kids can learn from.

“Wild Kratts” covers biology, zoology and ecology.

“Super Why!” encourages kids to read by looking into a story and solving different puzzles and problems.

“Sid the Science Kid” uses comedy explain basic science facts.

“Animal Planet” has various documentaries about animals and their habitats.

“Liberty’s Kids” uses fictional characters to teach kids about the United States and the major events during the Revolutionary War period.

Now you know how to make learning fun this summer! Whether your kids want to play outside, craft, play digital games or watch Netflix, they can do so and continue to learn.

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