It’s STEM Week at Andersen Elementary School (AES)!

It’s STEM Week at Andersen Elementary School (AES)!

by Kristina J Bertucco, M.Ed.
Andersen Elementary School

It’s STEM Week at Andersen Elementary School (AES)! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and teaches the engineering design model that our up-and-coming workforce will need to compete in 21st century job fields.
The students and teachers at AES are covering the following topics as follows:

Pre-K & Kindergarten – Exploring Matter (KSe.1/KSe.2)
- Engineering Adventures:  Bubble Bonanza:  Engineering Bubble Wands (EiE Unit)

1st Grade – Plants (1Sb.5)
- Growing plants in various environments/conditions (simulated moon environment)

2nd Grade – Weather (2Sc.1/2Sc.2/2Sc.6)
- “Snow Storm” Designing structures that can withstand various weather conditions

3rd Grade – Motion & Sound (3Se.1/3Se.2/3Se.3/3Se.4)
- Engineering Adventures:  To the Rescue:  Engineering Aid Drop Packages (EiE Unit)

4th Grade  - Properties of Light & Electricity (4Se.5/4Se.6/4Se.7)
- Circuits

5th Grade - Forces & Motion (5Se.1/5Se.2/5Se.3/5Se.4/5Se.5/5Se.6)
- Rocket Launchers & Designing an aircraft

Large Group Specialists - “Blue Man Group” theme
- Designing, building, playing, and comparing instruments across curriculums (art, music, P.E., and culture)

3rd grade students were asked the questions: “What is Engineering?” and “What is Technology?”

After exploring and defining these concepts they are embarking on an adventure to become “Materials Engineers” and design aid drop packages that protect its contents.

The six-adventure lesson is based on the real-world example of aid drops used in Thailand to deliver aid to people living in areas isolated by flood waters during monsoon season; the aid drops that were implemented in Afghanistan after the landslide in 2010; and in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. The Engineering Adventure was designed by the Museum of Science in Boston and is part of a series call EiE (Engineering is Elementary). We are looking forward to having our military community come and speak to our students about the local Christmas Drop and other Aid Drop missions that they’ve participated in.

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