Legislations introduced to support adequate education for Guam’s public schools

by Senator Joe S. San Agustin
Senator Joe S. San Agustin

Bill No. 159-34 (COR) introduced to amend the current law extending the age of withdrawal of Minors from enrollment of school to age 18

(Tamuning, Guam) In an effort to ensure that the children of Guam are given the opportunity to thrive in their lives Senator Joe S. San Agustin has introduced Bill No. 159-34 (COR) to amend § 6102 of Article 1, Chapter 6, Division 2 of Title 17, Guam Code Annotated, relative to extending the duty to send children to school from the age of 16 year of age to the age of 18.

“It is our responsibility as a community to ensure that every child of Guam succeeds in their lives, said Senator Joe S. San Agustin. “When a minor withdraws from school they are shortchanged from the opportunities that school enrollment and graduation brings. Establishing a livelihood and pursuing career opportunities are more challenging to obtain when a minor drops out of school. This measure is just one of many changes needed to make US the adults worthy of being stewards of our children of Guam, so they may succeed.”

Bill No. 160-34 (COR) has been introduced recently to convert the Guam Department of Education’s (GDOE) mandatory 180 instructional days for all Guam’s public schools to 1,260 instructional hours.

Throughout the year the island’s public schools are often released due to unforeseen circumstances such as: power and water outages, weather concerns and other reasons deemed necessary for students to miss or be released from school throughout the school year thus requiring makeup days.

In order to facilitate make up days coinciding with the actual amount of instructional time lost, it is desired to convert instructional days into instructional hours. This would facilitate the situation where students may have lost several hours one day, and several hours another day, to have one seven (7) hour make up day to make up for the loss of these portions of days.

“I am confident that this legislation will provide GDOE with a more reasonable and tangible method when computing makeup days for our public schools,” said Senator Joe San Agustin. “This measure further ensues that the instruction time for our students is fulfilled adequately thus giving our students a renewed outlook when they return to school for makeup days.”

Bill No. 161-34 (COR) Municipality of Tamuning to see increased recreational and support activities

The Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Mayor’s Office has been overseeing the development and maintenance of land known as Tamuning Multi-purpose field and Blue Tamuning Mart, for over 30 years. In an effort to expand

recreational and support activities for the village youth and community events the Mayor’s office has worked closely with Senator Joe S. San Agustin to create legislation to the transfer and give jurisdiction of this land (portion of Lot No. 5173-New-3 and Lot No. 5173-New-2-R2) from Chamorro Land Trust to the Tamuning Mayor.

“Mayor Rivera has worked tirelessly to gain this land for the village of Tamuning. Her action plans to further recreational and support activities for her constituency and ultimately the people of Guam symbolizes her commitment to provide positive outlets for the youth in her village. Our village of Mayors are at the center of what needs done to provide for the people of Guam, and I look forward to our continued partnerships to better serve our people,” said Senator Joe S. San Agustin. “I am confident that my colleagues in the Guam Legislation will support our endeavor through passage of this legislation.”

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