Look at the bright side of (military) life

Look at the bright side of (military) life

by Mary P., Bechtel Elementary School, 5th grade
Stripes Guam

Life as a military child is hard, butthere’s always a bright side. During this passage you will feel the hardships of a military child. Don’t worry, us military children always have a rainbow to look up to.

First of all, everyone knows packing bags up for trips is stressful. Well, military children might go through an average of over 5 times of packing up during their lifetime, actually much more! They pack up to move away to another wonderful place. That leads us to the second bad thing about being a military child. It’s sad leaving friends and family behind. Trust me, I cried because I left my friends, imagine what all of us military children felt like when our own parents had to leave us. If it’s your mother or father that is in the military, you have to leave them for days, weeks, or even months! I know how it feels to not see them. My dad is actually deployed right now. Oh no! School is here. Every military child goes through the pain of being the “new kid”. You might get lost, or you might not be up to date with your class, but one thing one does know is that the “new kid” doesn’t make friends at the snap of his fingers. Sometimes, it can be the opposite. Every little military child should be proud. They may face challenges during this process, but it’s always worth it!

As I said, there is always a bright side. When you’re a military child you get to enjoy the safety that is provided in every military base. If you don’t live in military base you can still enjoy the luxury of free medical care for the family. When you move to different places it’s like you’re taking a vacation every 3-5 years. You get to discover amazing places all over the world! There is a bright side to school too, you may not make a friend in a while, but when you do, trust me you’ll have a lot. Also, our education is free. We should appreciate that we get to learn about math, language arts, reading, etc. Hundreds of people around the world don’t get the education and medications as we do. So, we should be proud of our parents and thousands of other people in the world, helping our country every day.

Even though, being a military child can be sad and stressful, there are many things we get that other human beings don’t get a chance to earn. The reason we earn this is because of our parents. Who are brave enough to stand, speak up, and fight for our country? We should all be proud to be Americans!

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