Wave clubs celebrate 30 years on Guam by doing first ever Tumon Bay preserve video

by Tourism Education Council
Stripes Guam

On Saturday November 4th over 225 WAVE Club members representing 15 schools along with 50 volunteer teacher coordinators, and 80 parents participated in a first time ever Tumon Bay Preserve Educational video.

“This was a great event to gather all of our members together representing their schools”, said Verna Mendiola, Coordinator for Harry S. Truman Elementary. “We had our kids waving, singing, and even a bit of dancing as they sung swim in a Tumon Bay Preserve cheer” Mendiola added.

“We are incredibly grateful to our volunteer coordinators, parents, and the videographers from WebTV who have donated their time to filming this first time ever educational video on Tumon Bay”, Mendiola added.

In 2018, WAVE (Welcome All Visitors Enthusiastically) will celebrate 30 years of commitment to Guam. “WAVE, started by the late, Bert “Mr. Tourism” Unpingco, began as a tool to educate local people about the importance of tourism on Guam”, said Donna Muna Quinata, Chairwoman for the organization. “We teach kids throughout the school year what makes Guam a unique destination--our people, our environment, our language, our culture, our history and even our food”, Quinata continued.

For more information log on to www.tourismeducationcouncil.org or contact Rowena Rafan at 787-8928. WAVE is sponsored by the Tourism Education Council, a nonprofit on Guam. Stay tuned for how you can learn about Islan Ideas Youth Xpo 2018.

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