The best bakeries: Crown Bakery

by Arlene Castro
The Guam Guide

Cake pops are little cute round cake balls covered in a hardened chocolate shell. These treats make awesome party favors, but making them yourself is a tedious job that requires the right equipment, technique and time for preparation. Conditions need to be perfect, like the temperature to melt then harden the chocolate shells. The texture of the cake balls should be moist not mushy. So, if you don’t have the required time and energy to make something that can be devoured in just one bite, stop by Crown, and order a batch or choose from a variety of pops that quickly move off the rack each day.

Soy dog in a wheat blanket is a healthy alternative to the popular “pig in the blanket” rolls. The soy dog is handled delicately, placed in a separate display case to keep its wheat roll toasty and warm. Crown Bakery has taken bold steps over the years with great success as a result. First, in veering off conventional local bread fare by introducing a variety of mainland favorites, one being the focaccia bread; then second, in being miles ahead of local bakeries when it comes to providing an array of low-fat, low-sugar, or high-fiber items to choose from for the health-conscious customers.

Doughnuts are made fresh twice a day. Low-fat treats are available but there are days when you want to splurge and experience eating a richtasting treat. You’ve come to the right place and time(s) at Crown Bakery. It does help when you can buy a doughnut and a huge Bran Muffin at the same time. Crown’s doughnuts are exquisitely textured. You first encounter the crispness of the golden-tan outer layer as you sink your teeth in, and once you chew on the creamy dough, that along with the thick glazed sugar or chocolate icing will just melt away in your mouth. If you are a doughnut lover, you’ll definitely love it more having it made hot and fresh early in the morning and late in the afternoon, right before dinner.

Crown Bakery is located at the corner of the tri-intersection of Rte. 8 and Guam Veteran’s Highway in Barrigada.

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