Cheesy, melty, meaty pizza: Vitale's

by Joel Kanda
The Guam Guide

Cheesy, melty, meaty, saucy, succulent, decadent, and all other manner of adjectives, pizza can be called many things. The various takes on pizza are just as abundant: New York style, Chicago deep dish, thin crust, calzone and many others. But no matter what style, pizza has to have the four basic elements: crust, sauce, meat and/or vegetables and cheese. Sounds simple enough but no; pizza, when taken seriously, is an art form in and of itself. There are many unique techniques and particulars when it comes to making the perfect pie.

Nevertheless, pizza is a family food. Families and friends often gather for pizza night on a weekly basis. Pizza brings friends and loved ones together and unites us all in a love for cheesy, carb-loaded, meaty goodness. When all is said and done, pizza is a unifier. So in honor of the magnificence that is a pizza pie, here we have brought together a lineup of some of Guam’s best pizzas.

Any self-respecting Italian restaurant has to have good pizza. And Vitale’s is no exception. As an unabashed carnivore, I would have to suggest you try their Meat Roma pizza. It is a ridiculously cheesy platter of heaven. And hidden under all that cheese like treasures invaluable is a plethora of meats to satisfy even the most insatiable of desires. With Canadian bacon, sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, and enough cheese to feed a small army, all piled atop a soft crust with crispy edges, you simply cannot ask for much more.

Vitale’s is located in The Plaza Shopping Center in Tumon.

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