Grumpy's Cure just what the doctor ordered

Grumpy's Cure just what the doctor ordered

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy
Well, if you've not been cured yet, you will certainly find one at Grumpy's Cure, touted as the "best little coffee house on Guam."  When you first walk into Grumpy's Cure you are immediately taken in by the modern, sophisticated ambiance, complete with eye-catching art pieces and an impressive collection of hardcover tomes filling bookshelves in a corner "library." You will even wonder if you are still on Guam or if you just woke up in San Francisco. It's obvious that a great deal of care has been invested in seeing that a cozy, welcoming atmosphere awaits guests who drop in for a mocha or crepe or any combination of items from a very impressive menu of delectable offerings!
Owner Deidre Leon Guerrero spent weeks refining this menu with many of her own recipes and creations. She is determined to see this new business venture succeed, and even attended the Seattle Barista Academy to learn the fundamentals of making the perfect espresso beverage.
On a recent visit when I was accompanied by Zee, we came in on a Saturday morning for breakfast. I should first mention that I'd briefly visited Grumpy's before and I had my first taste. I had the Good Morning Guam Savory Crepe ($6.95), which was a very sizeable crepe filled with scrambled eggs and ham, with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese. It had a light aioli sauce on the outside. I did have a mocha ($4 for 16 oz.) then, however, my lasting impression was how massive this crepe was, and that it actually tasted pretty good.
Fast forward to our recent visit: I noticed the menu had hamburger sliders ($4.95) and since I'd already ordered another breakfast dish (blueberries & cream French toast sandwich – $5.75) without meat, I thought it was a good idea to get some protein that I could also share with Zee, who is more of a slider aficionado than I am.
Grumpy's sliders are actually among the better ones we've had. Their mini burger (you get three) has pickles, ketchup and mayo. (You can make it a combo for $7.50, which includes an iced tea and a bag of chips or cookie.) It's all ground beef and everything worked well. The only improvement would have been a little more heat, just a tad. We will definitely have these again!
My main dish was something I had seen on a sign and immediately desired: A blueberries and cream French toast sandwich! Now how cool does that sound? It has everything I love going for it. Well, this was one surprising dish, since it was layered and filled with a blueberry cream sauce. It did have real blueberries and the whipped cream was delicious. My only suggestion to improve this was to have it dipped in the batter a little longer as my bread was a bit dry.
Mind you, I was eating without using the syrup since I had that great cream and blueberry sauce. (The syrup seemed redundant!) I did tell Deidre and she will make some adjustments. Zee had ordered a grilled cheese panini ($6.95) that was so big that she could only eat half! The focaccia bread was a perfect partnering with the Swiss cheese, and it comes with a zesty dill pickle spear! She was generally pleased with her choice and would have been happier if this sandwich had some kind of aioli sauce to kick it up a bit.
Grumpy's also serves super-sized all-beef hot dogs, veggie paninis (with sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, lettuce, provolone), peanut butter and Jelly paninis, sweet crepes, bagels, and specials like Grumpy's Baked Pasta with Garlic Bread. Grumpy's has fresh baked pastries, cupcakes, and banana bread. You can even get real fruit smoothies at Grumpy's along with Italian sodas, and Soda floats. If you really want to satisfy a craving, try Grumpy's ice cream sundae, complete with sliced bananas, chocolate or caramel sauce, whipped cream and nuts. That should do it!
Feeling grumpy from being neglected? Don't worry, Grumpy's Cure will satisfy your cravings and make you better again!

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