Guam Diner Bytes: Eggs’n Things Guam

Guam Diner Bytes: Eggs’n Things Guam

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

The long-anticipated opening of Eggs ‘n Things took place when I was in Saipan. A few days later we were at the Hyatt and walked up the hill to this highly visible, strategic location (they are in view of many hotel rooms). Though they open their doors at 7 a.m., they had customers queuing up since 6:15 a.m.!

Eggs ‘n Things is an import from Hawaii, with a long history. Founded in 1974 by owners Jerry and Jan Fukunaga, they opened on Ena Road in Waikiki. Based on a philosophy of using fresh ingredients for food served at reasonable prices, the Fukunaga’s also opened their hearts to customers and treated them as family, reflecting the culture of Ohana. That tradition has carried on with the present owner, Yuka Nuwano, and her management team.

Eggs ‘n Things is a welcome addition to Guam and brings a qualitative enhancement to the island’s breakfast dining options.

One should be prepared to wait! We noticed the long line winding around the building and we got in line (we had nowhere else to go and time to burn). The staff at Eggs ‘n Things are very nice and demonstrated genuine concern for those waiting in line. They gave out menus and explained the choices we had, which were to dine-in or to take-out.

The former would naturally require a longer wait, but they did expedite the take-out meals. The line is along the outside wall of the restaurant facing San Vitores. It is under a canopy that shades people and protects them from the rain. You can see into the restaurant from some of the windows and watch people eat (I don’t’ know if that’s such a good idea since those waiting my end up glaring at those dining urging them to “hurry up!” One good thing about the window views into the dining room is that you can see the plates of food that are served, like those pancakes crowned by a 9” tower of whipped cream surrounded by strawberries!

The protocol for those waiting is you will tell a hostess what your order is as you get closer to the front of the line (our wait was just under one hour), and the hostess enters your order into an iPad mini or something similar, and then you pay for your meal when you are near the register. They will then escort you inside to a table. Since your order has already been placed, you are served rather quickly.

It’s actually a smart system.

We ordered the Silver Dollar Pancakes ($9), two hot coffees ($3 ea.), a spinach bacon and cheese omelet, with potatoes ($3.50) and link sausage ($7) as side orders. Then for the review sake, I ordered 1 Strawberry Whip Cream w/Nuts Pancake ($13). These pancakes are said to be the best pancakes in Hawaii, with these very same hotcakes being the reason for their fame. They even sell bags of pancake batter at their in-store kiosk!

Eggs ‘n Things has a colossal menu, one which I hope to have time to try in the months ahead. I don’t even know if business will ever subside though since the tourists visiting Guam are always new and they were easily two-thirds of the queue! I enjoyed my omelet (they even had a salsa they made to go along with it, using local peppers). I had the Pepperjack cheese - there are three options. The whole-wheat toast was fibrous and had substance. I liked the sausage. I really enjoyed the potatoes, reminds me of something home-cooked!

The dollar size pancakes Zee ordered were good (more than she could eat). They do offer three kinds of syrup on the table - coconut, guava, and maple. Zee liked the coconut and I was delighted by the guava since it was new to me. The coconut syrup really was delicious!

The Strawberry Whip Cream w/Nuts is a bit of an over-reach for us – more than we’d ever be able to eat! Even though it’s non-dairy whip cream, it is still way too much (but there are many who love this kind of breakfast dessert). The macadamia nuts were good, the strawberries were the frozen type that are sweetened in their own syrup. The pancakes were very tasty and consistent. Everything we saw was consistent. It’s like they had a Xerox machine in the kitchen.

I’d wanted the Eggs Benedict ($13.50) but they didn’t have it yet.

The menu has Meats ‘N Eggs combinations, Specials ‘N Things, Omelets, Crepes, Waffles, and Fruits ‘N Things. Yes, the menu items are a bit on the pricey side, which makes sense for Tumon. The novelty of this place (it is as much a destination as Hard Rock since they do sell souvenirs) also is an attraction.

It is definitely an experience that I would recommend. It was just worth the wait (didn’t want that to go any longer, though)! Try Eggs’N Thing Guam for a taste of Hawaii served in the spirit of Ohana!

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