Guam Diner Bytes: Fiesta Resort Guam

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

I had a $25 meal coupon that was due to expire in one day! It wasn't just any coupon, it was one for the Samurai restaurant, which houses the Teppanyaki restaurant as well as the Samurai Crabpot (which I have yet to try). I thought my best option was lunch since the Crabpot requires two diners and I was alone. When I arrived I was greeted by smiling hostesses who seated me and took my drink order (iced tea). The teppan counter was pretty full and diners were immersed in their conversations while eating their lunches. There were three or four teppan chefs handling this large station.

Some of the management and staff were pleased to see me as it had been some time since my last visit. I ordered from the lunch menu the ALPHA Combo ($19.95) which had Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp, which are three things I usually have when I order combinations. I also like Salmon as an alternative to beef. The comely server invited me to go to the salad bar on the other side of the wall. It must have been some time since my last visit because I didn't remember the salad bar. This was an impressive salad bar with plenty of salad ingredients including kimchi, pasta and potato salads, sushi, and a ton of karaage chicken. There was even a dessert station featuring the classic Filipino favorite, halo halo!

My teppan chef deftly prepared the ingredients and grilled a ton of garlic chips. He used potato in lieu of eggplant and cooked my steak to the perfect medium rare. I noticed that the portions for the chicken and beef were large. I did get a generous amount of grilled veggies, but I found myself staring at my rice bowl trying to figure out how anyone could eat all of this food. For the money, this has to be the best value on the island. They should be able to guarantee that no customer will ever leave hungry. For my next teppan visit here I will probably order the 5 oz Tenderloin ($28.95) or the 8 oz Ribeye ($27.95). if I have beef. These more expensive cuts should be easier to chew. I can always order a side of shrimp or chicken if I want. The other option is to fill up on the salad bar and have your teppan meal packed up to go! One thing I also would prefer on my next visit is to have some company since everyone around me was engaged in conversation, which is part of the culture of teppanyaki dining.

I also want to commend the Samurai's wait staff for being so amazingly on top of things! They were setting places, clearing dishes, refilling iced tea glasses, and checking on the customers. This was impressive and I was surprised no one drowned from all of the iced tea refills I watched them pour. Can't wait to stop by Samurai time for the Crab Pot!

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