Guam Diner Bytes: Fizz & Co. Soda Fountain

Guam Diner Bytes: Fizz & Co. Soda Fountain

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

I had been meaning to stop by Fizz & Co. after Travis Coffman gave a glowing review of their Nathan’s Famous Dawgs. I still regret not going there sooner but am glad I did last week! It is certainly one of the island’s best kept secrets as I was able to sit at the counter and order without lining up or waiting for service.

In fact, it’s the absolutely amazing service that I received from a tag team of three energized and personable young ladies that I’m sure will continue to lure customers back for more great food and awesome service. Kudos to the owner who hired these outgoing lasses – Joyce Borja, Jennavie Ballesta, and Mariana Pangelinan – who are infectiously proud of their workplace and make sure you are as happy as they are with their creations.

Fizz & Co. is a fun and exciting place to be with its antique soda fountain and rock & roll ambiance. The walls have a variety of classic old Coca Cola and Coffee posters, as well as 45 vinyl records, a Beatles poster, and a stunningly glamorous picture of that Hollywood icon, Audrey Hepburn. I heard Beatles, Rolling Stone’s and a few other artists performing in the background (l like this place!).

Behind the counter is a lineup of cooking equipment, including the waffle baker, pannini grill, and flat griddle on one side with the other end of the counter supporting an array of Ice Cream spindle blenders and milk shake machines. This is a soda fountain shop after all!

I ordered a 6-inch “Dawg” ($2.99) and told Joyce to do her thing (make it with the works), which she did! The cheese added was $.50, Chili ($.75) and lettuce ($.50). This dawg was loaded to the max and I am glad I didn’t get the 12-inch dawg! The Crown Bakery buns are the best for keeping things together and this dawg needed that extra protection.

Even so, it’s one that’ll require a lot of finger lickin’ ‘cause it is one messy meal! Yet the combination of flavors (Nathan’s meat is good all alone) that makes this dog superlative! Certainly one of the best hot dogs I’ve eaten on Guam!

The other item I ordered (to try) was a pastrami sandwich ($4.50) with swiss cheese, garlic mayo, pastrami, and wheat bread. I liked the freshness of this sandwich and the garlic mayo really added an extra flavor dimension. My only complaint was the large slice of white onion that was a bit overpowering on the bite. I told Joyce I’d prefer the thin slices of red onion on the sandwich.

I had to indulge in a chocolate shake (16 oz, Black Mud, $4.25). This was all that I thought it would be – another soda fountain fantasy! Speaking of which, I had to fulfill yet another fantasy (and childhood favorite) and ordered the classic Root Beer Float ($4.25). These were perfectly made by Jennavie. She later made me a sample the Freeze Blast (Orange Sherbet Ice Cream blended with milk and 7-up and topped by whipped cream on top) that brought back even more childhood memories.

There are some nifty creative handmade sodas including some of their “Jerks” favorite mixes include Tay’s specialty (strawberry coconut) or Joycee’s Sour Patch (Raspberry & Lime). Aaron’s Chaud Fizz sounds interesting and is made using cherry, lime, watermelon and coconut.

Well, I do have to return one of these days to Fizz & Co. to try out their waffle sundae and a tuna melt panini, and perhaps a few more items from their all-too-tempting menu selections. Gotta get energized by Mariana, Joyce and Jennavie as well.

Ita daki masu!

Ken “The Guam Food Guy” Stewart

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