Guam Diner Bytes: Frost Bite

Guam Diner Bytes: Frost Bite

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

If you have not been to Frost Bite yet, you are missing out one of the island’s best dessert destinations. The owner of Frost Bite, Andrew Miller, has re-located from the Star Bldg. in Upper Tumon. The new location has seating outside and inside and parking on both sides of the building, which is nice since we now have the pleasure of walking along San Vitores on the wide walkway fronting the store. We stopped by after our Thai dinner with the intention of getting something refreshing to cool our

We spent some time talking to Andrew about his amazing variety of dessert creations, which are on display. Desserts like Japanese cheesecake, baked mocha (glutinous rice cakes), eggless tiramisu, roti buns, banana bread pudding, and others. The specials board had “Almond Roca Cheesecake” ($6) and “Banana Latiya Japanese Cheesecake” ($6), “Tiramisu” ($7.95) and “Lava Cakes” ($4). I ordered the Almond Roca Cheesecake (which was awesome). Andrew bakes everything on site - he has mastered the recipes for these desserts. Although they are served in plastic boxes (take-out), they are as good as you’d find in a fancy restaurant (if not better).

The Banana Latiya Japanese Cheesecake was equally phenomenal; these are layered dishes and he has used a graham cracker crust. As I was enjoying this dessert I contemplated coming back for more (they have a lot of different menu items). I’d ordered a Calamansi Cream Soda ($3.50) with a little pomegranate syrup instead of an espresso-based coffee drink (I can get one of those next time). The cream soda was certainly refreshing and not something I’d usually order.

Zee ordered a Mango Snow Ice bowl (Small - $4.75/Large is $6.50). These come with two toppings (she had toasted almonds and a colorful “konjac” blend). Konjac is
a starch from the root of the konjac plant grown in Taiwan, Japan and China. This fibrous material is known in Japan as “konnyaku,” and is made into food that looks
like squares or strips of stiff gelatin, with a slightly rubbery texture. It is considered a health food and considered good for “intestinal function.”

The Snow Ice desserts served at Frost Bite are amazing creations, available in dairy and non-dairy, but all using this thinly shaved ice mixed with a variety of flavors
and toppings,

We had arrived on a weeknight just around 8:30 so we only had a half hour before closing. I can now see stopping here during the daytime to try other goodies like the fresh-baked roti buns which sell out quickly. I also want to try some of Andrew’s other cheesecake creations, like the White Chocolate Japanese Cheesecake! These are not overly sweet however they are rich and delectable.

Another unusual creation we have to try is the “imagawayaki, which are baked pastries filled with red bean or Nutella. The lava cakes are baked to order (ube is one of the flavors).

Get your dessert on at Frost Bite, Tumon’s new dessert destination!

Bon appetit!

Ken “The Food Guy” Stewart

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