Guam Diner Bytes: GCC Orchid Cafe

Guam Diner Bytes: GCC Orchid Cafe

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

This is really "hot off the press"!! I was "kidnapped" a fashion. Our neighbor near our business is United Tire and its owner, Joseph Hsu saw me in the parking lot and invited me to lunch (he was already in his car when he stopped me and got me in his car)! We were going to a friend's new restaurant that was opening in GCC! I was both puzzled and curious about the whereabouts of this new restaurant. When we arrived I knew immediately which location but was stunned to find out that the new owner had expanded the dining room to double the size of the previous "snack bar". They have just opened (don't even have a phone # yet). This place is really nice...there are large windows looking out on the campus from three walls. The tables and chairs are new and the interior is cooled by air conditioners and ceiling fans. When I saw the new owner I smiled immediately (as did he when he saw me) as it was Steven Wang, who had opened The Big Stomach Restaurant in November 2003. I have seen him many times since my review back then. I think he's got the right idea and location now.

The menu is simple: Two Choices for $6.50. It is fast food and made in small batches that are served fresh. The entrees vary each day and can include Fried Chicken, Fried Pork Chop, Salt & Pepper Shrimp, Fish Cutlet, Stir Fry Vegetables, Mongolian Beef, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Beef Broccoli, and Yakisoba noodles. I was able to sample a variety of the prepared dishes. If you want one more dish than the two it'll cost you $2.50. The portions are big enough and the price is targeting the student's budgets. Everything I ate was quite good...they have breaded mahi stir fried with onions and peppers. The Salt & Pepper Shrimp went fast, and I had Shrimp with Stir Fry Vegetables that I also liked. You can buy drinks and packaged snacks here tool, even dry noodle cups and bowls, which is really catering to the students!!! I was glad to have this opportunity to try this new restaurant - I doubt I would have even known about it unless Joseph had spotted me. Now I can have some fairly decent Chinese fast food when I am visiting the GCC campus.

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